Thursday, July 09, 2015

Revlon Color silk 60 Dark Ash Blonde{Beauty Review}

So I color my hair again at home, for me hair coloring is not that much a necessary part, I don’t mind to flaunt my natural hair color. I naturally have kind of light brown hair color. I picked up Revlon color silk hair color in shade 60(dark ash blond) when I saw special offer on Revlon hair color range and it cost me 213 pkr.

The box contains Conditioner, Colorant, Developer, Plastic Gloves, and Instructions on a paper. I really like the bottle that has nozzle too, I mixed developer and colorant in bottle, (shake well before use) and I guess it’s much easier to apply with the help of nozzle, Very less chance to missing the single portion of hair. It does not contain very strong smell neither I got any kind of irritation on my scalp.

I applied  it for only 25 minutes, i was afraid of getting brassy tone since it’s the first time I am using any blond shade but I think I should keep it for a good 40 minutes at least. I don’t get the exactly close color that mentioned on the box (I did not bleach my hair) maybe I should wait for a little longer. I washed my head with tap water according to the instructions, and now come to conditioner part,OMG!! This conditioner is just beyond awesome it smells so so good feels like I have whole garden in my hair, it left my hair super soft and silky and smooth. My hair doesn’t look damaged at all. This coloring experience makes my hair glossy, smooth and shiny.
Overall Revlon Color itself a beautiful deal; the quality is amazing as well. I am pretty much impressed with Revlon hair color range it’s a hit and my favorite right now, will defiantly repurchase again.i am sorry i have lost my before coloring picture but you can check out my original hair color here

My tips on hair coloring:
     Do not forget to wear an old tee shirt
·         Start with the second day of hair
·         Comb your hair properly before coloring

Happy coloring girlsJ

Do you like to color your hair? Want me to recommend any shade /brand.

XO Sehar


  1. I have never coloured my hair. So, it is interesting to see you go through this process and share the details. This colour suits you, Sehar and it seems to be the right shade of "blonde" for you - perfect actually. And you have very healthy and lovely hair to begin with, so this colour has only enhanced it. Well done

  2. I am sure you have naturally beautiful hair color farah!Thank-you so much babe for all the love ,support and well done sayings to my post,Means a Lot to me :-)


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