Friday, August 21, 2015

How To Get Perfect summer Glow:

Summer is the most happening season throughout the year in Karachi, what I love about summer that it gives me an excuse to wear beautiful floral dresses, to drink lots of fresh juices/smoothies and to say yes to a beautiful summer glow and dewy skin.

I strongly believe that “you are what you eat” and for me it’s very important to find out the right summer beauty routine for a healthy mind and body.Right now i am so much hooked with ALOHA,they have some great inspirational ideas for a healthy life style.Right now my favorite is strawberry cherry chia pudding .

this looks so much inviting ,you can find the whole recipe here and i truly recommends that do check out ALOHA they has bunch of recipes and some serious amount of healthy stuff .

Here are some of my tips to get a prefect summer glow. So embrace the sun shine, say hello to the beaches. Oh yes, Cheers to summer ladies!

Detox and hydrate yourself:
Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate yourself. That is key point for glowing and healthy skin; detoxification is an important part of my daily regime. My favorite infused water in summers for a healthy skin is lemon and cucumber infused water .It’s a great way to flush out the toxins from body. So here is my idea for infused water.

Cucumber and Lemon Infused Water:

·         Plain water
·         Half cucumber ,cut into thin slices
·         1 small lemon ,cut into thin slices
·         Strawberry and mint leafs(optional)

Add the slices of cucumber and lemon into Mason jar. You can add strawberries and mint. Fill the Mason jar with water. Let it refrigerate overnight or for some hours. Enjoy!

My favorite Food for summers:
Seasonal fruits are the best thing,trust me. I am obsessed with eating cantaloupe, sweet potato, green leafs vegetables and lemon. They are just perfect for summer glow. My most favorites are cantaloupe and sweet potato; there health benefits are just OH MY God.

Cantaloupe is a great source of vitamin A, rich with antioxidants. It promotes clear skin and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. Cantaloupe is fully loaded with skin loving vitamins.
Sweet potatoes are great source of beta carotene, packed with antioxidants and rich with vitamin A. The nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes are just amazing.

Exfoliate and nourish:
It’s very important to exfoliate your skin during summer, Make sure you are investing in right moisturizers to nourish your skin. Who don’t want to flaunt glowy skin?

Everyone loves strobing, right ladies! You just need to apply your favorite highlighter/illuminator to the high points of cheek bones, centre of the nose, inner corner of the eyes and to the cupid bones. Bye Bye contouring!!

These are my tips to get a perfect summer glow, Do you liked it? Have a great glowing summer ladies!

XO Sehar


  1. Oh! I love infused water. I tried with mint and strawberries. It didn't have the best flavor but I drank it anyways :D

    1. Yes you are right,cucumber one tastes better.Thankyou so much noor:-)xx

  2. Such great and easy to follow tips on how to get a "perfect summer glow". In-season fruit and vegetables plus the infused water are definitely my staples for good skin in the summer. Also I couldn't agree more about having a good facial scrub and moisturizer on hand to keep my skin in check during the hot summer months as well! The makeup tip about strobing is helpful for those ladies who want that effect. This was a well written post and you did justice to ALOHA's emphasis on a healthy lifestyle! Lovely visuals as always.

    1. Oh honey,thank-you so much for your love and support.Love you to the moon and back xx


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