Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Current Favorite Jewellery Picks:

Karachi weather is so much dreamy that I can go out to markets in day times also which is my favorite time for shopping by the way. Last week I went to my nearby market and got some really cool jewelry pieces .Do you guys love those jewelry stalls outside the market? I can’t stop buying from them, they have great selection, inexpensive too, and if you store them properly they can last longer. I store in zip lock bag or some time I wrap my studs in fine cotton fabric, this prevents jewelry form fading or tarnishing which happens because the exposure from moisture/air.

 I believe we should support those local vendors totally. So I thought I should share those jewellery stalls pictures, and some of my recent picks from them I hope you liked it.

This earring cost me around 200 pkr, perfect for a mehndi or mayon attire.

This one cost 150 pkr,It will look great with embroided lawn jora.

Look at those bangles; they can rock any of your outfit. Cost me 175 pkr.

Oh!I love studs, I can go out without wearing them, and this one cost me around 75 pkr.My go to stud!

This cute one cost me only 30 pkr.Such a catch!

So do you also love you local markets and stuff? Which place is your favorite?

XO Sehar


  1. Omg these are beautiful. You have no idea how much I would like to have these. I miss pakistan so much. It sucks to be living here in USA where you can't buy these beautiful pieces.

    1. Oh thankyou so much,Street shopping in Karachi is total fun and steal.Ireally wish you a happy and safe com back to Pakistan soon. xx

  2. Such stunning pieces you have chosen to share here and helpful suggestions what to wear with them also. I am amazed at how low the prices are as they look like very expensive pieces. You have an excellent eye for bargains that are classy and elegant! You also provided us with thoughtful advice to help keep the pieces looking fresh and new without damage. I want them all. Well done and stunning visuals.

    1. I am so much glad you also loved the pieces,Come to Karachi my friend so we can go shopping together.xx


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