Thursday, January 01, 2015

DIY How to deep clean your make up brush:

Makeup brushes are very essential part of our vanity. Deep Cleaning of makeup brushes is very important, it really depends how much you are using them. Once in week is decent time for a deep clean routine. It’s also important because you real don’t want to spread the bacterial infection and acne. If you are storing them properly, be gentle to them it will extend their life time and performance. So here it is how I clean my make brushes.

What will you need?

·         Make up brushes
·         Baby /mild shampoo
·         Olive oil few drops
·         Luke warm water
·         A Shallow bowl


1.   First wash your brush tip with plain water to get rid of colors.
2.    In a shallow bowl add baby shampoo and few drops of olive oil mix it up with Luke warm water and then put all the makeup brushes tip/bristles in the bowl, gently swirl the brush tip in your palm to work up the leather. 
3.    Rinse the brush tip with running tap water.
4.   Wipe with the help of clean cloth, try to stick with the natural shape of bristles.
5.   Make sure you are not using warm water it will make your bristles week.
6.   Lay your brushes flat let them dry in natural air.

How often do you wash make up brushes?

XO Sehar 


  1. Perfect. Thanks for sharing ;)

  2. It means a lot! i am glad you liked it :-)

  3. AMAZING! I think I could use it for paint brushes, since I don't really use make up brushes much x

    1. Iam glad you liked i!replace the baby shampoo with good dish wash liquid.xx

  4. Make-up brushes have to be maintained just like any tool we use in our daily lives. I liked the "before and after" photos and the easy remedy to clean the brushes gently and to preserve their longevity. :)

  5. Thank you so much honey for such a detailed view, i am humble:-)I am glad you liked i every time.


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