Monday, February 09, 2015

Weekly Skin Care Routine

It’s very important to give your skin once a week a deep clean facial/cleansing routine for a healthy skin and complexion. I think it’s good to get a salon facial and hair trim after six week,(that’s what work for me) According to skin type one can create skin care regimen. You are the one who knows everything about your body and skin. There are Tons of skin care products available in the market one can easily find out the right spa product according to their budget and skin type.

So here I am sharing a very basic weekly skin care routine, i used to perform this regime twice a week some time, it depends what I feel like. Since I have a dry skin and it’s already winter/fall season in Karachi so the product I am sharing here are more likely suitable for fall skin care routine. You can invest on higher end brands and add on more products but again this is something very basic regime. Hope you like it.

What will you need?
·         Face wash
·         Scrub
·         Toner
·         Face mask
·         Facial moisturizer


1)   Massage your face gently with few pumps of cleansing milk in circular motion; add some water repeat the process. Wipe out with the help of cotton bud.

2)   Wash your face with a good face wash. Combine with water to leather up nice foam.

3)   With the help of your fingers gently scrub your face with a gentle facial scrub in circular motion. Give a good massage around nose. St ives scrub is the best facial scrub I have ever come across.

4)   Wash our face and apply toner. Toners are to balance the ph level of and to prep the skin for next step. Gently tap with the fingers on the skin or use cotton pad, Let it dry.

5)   Now apply any facial mask to your face and neck. If you have oily skins go for clay masks. Freeman has wide range of clay masks and they are good for oily /normal skin. I have dry skin so I am using this freeman mask as its pretty hydrating I got this or my winters /fall routine.

6)  Finish off with a nice facial moisturizing cream to your face and neck. I love this moisturizer lately, if you have normal/combination skin go for it. If you have oily skin then do try Garnier and L’Oreal. They have very good moisturizers range I used back in summers and totally loved them.

Do you have skin care routine? Would love to know.

XO Sehar


  1. This is a very thorough skin care regime you have shared, Sehar. You also included your products and what type of skin types they are most suitable for. I only do a facial steam once a week and use the same (!) facial scrub but twice a week. I usually moisturize around the eyes intensively afterwards, as this area is very delicate, and the skin is quite thin as well. I enjoyed what you shared and learned about all the products I don't use but just see on shelves. Well done! :)

  2. Thank-you so much farah,love your skin care regime!i also scrub twice a week but i don't take steam.I totally agreed about the delicate eye area.I am so glad you liked it,xx:-)

  3. Love your routine. I've an issue of black heads so I have to use face scrub daily to keep my face fresh) I use a whitening face scrub from Dermoviva , switched from clean&clear.

  4. Thank you so much,you are in your teen so i can imagine the black head issue.Do apply some Vaseline around the nose,take some steam then scrub it off.I also don't use clean & clear but i heard good reviews on there morning burst face wash and daily moisturizer.xx

  5. I have an extreme dry skin so I just use dove soap and nothing else. I've always wanted to use all these fancy scrubs and moisturizers but I only can use what my dermatologist suggested for me. Pretty sad duh :/
    PS: The first picture is the CUTEST!!

  6. Love it,this routine is much in detail than other ones,I was just surfing when I found


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