Friday, November 06, 2015

L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3x Anti Hair Fall Shampoo {Beauty Review}

Do you some time find your hair on your pillow, on your brush or in the shower? No, it’s not me, this is what written on L’Oreal Paris fall repair anti hair fall shampoo bottle.

Hair fall is the most common problem, some people experience it on monsoon but I mostly have this issue during fall season. I am pretending that it is fall in Karachi because the heat wave is unbearable, by the way.

I heard good reviews about the shampoo, though I am not a fan of L’Oreal shampoo range but I thought I should give it a try. The packaging is so chic I love the black and pink color combo. Shampoo has runny consistency and pearly white in color it smells like floral kind of ,which  lasts for a couple of hours but not too strong.

It does what it claims for hair fall, it reduced my hair fall but what I don’t like about the shampoo that after shampooing I feel slightly roughness in my hair (since i have straight and silky hair texture) but it seems fairly better after couple of washes furthermore the product claims for nourishes the hair root, restructure hair fiber and hair growth stronger is a fail for me. But the bottom line is that you can see visible difference when it comes to hair fall. 

Do you want to recommend any other shampoo that works for hair fall?

XO Sehar


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  2. Well, Sehar what fool-proof product is out there that does all it can claim? But the main thing with this shampoo is hair fall- which we know is reduced as you tested it out for us. As for the rest of the claims that you didn't "see", no worries. Chemicals make hair rough- just balance with some oil treatment. :) Thanks for sharing and good to know your hair fall has been reduced!

    1. Thank-you you so much farah,couldn't agree more with this oil treatment thing.LOVE

  3. I haven't used this one, but I did use the 6 oil repair shampoo from Loreal and I must say it was a good one. I am currently using a Dove one (basic, haha!) & it's the only one that actually works for me.

    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. oh i am also considering the dove straight and silky shampoo,you are helping me out:-)thank-you so much xx


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