Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sunsilk Co-creations Black Shine Conditioner {Beauty Review}

Hair conditioning is a crucial part of my hair care regime and if you ask me how often conditioners should be used? So in my opinion there is no rule for shampooing and conditioning. Whenever I feel like condition my hair I go for it. It really depends on your hair texture, climate and the products you are using; no one can judge your hair better then you. Oh yes you are the boss!

Some time I condition my hair after every time I shower, and mostly twice a week. Some of My favorite tips are, apply conditioner few inches away from scalp, be patient leave it for at least 5 minutes then gently rinse off.

Last month I picked up Sunsilk Co-creations Black Shine Conditioner randomly because I love their colorful tube packaging they catch my eyes every time so is it me or anyone else? I love the golden one tube why so, something seriously wrong with me. But I got the black one because I want to experiment with the shine factor.

So the texture is mushy like other conditioner, I can’t describe the smell slightly strong but its total fine with me. This stunning black shine conditioner live up to the claims, makes my hair smooth, manageable and yes the shine factor is there.

Overall it’s a great conditioner and for the price tag its total a steal. I love that bling bling factor in my hair lately. It comes with a price tag of 170Pkr.

So I am going to shine in this summer, do you have any of your favorite want to share with me?

XO Sehar



  1. I think we are all guilty of buying a product due to its "pretty on the outside" factor! While this tube is eye-catching, it is just as good as it looks. Which makes it a plus to buy as the product actually works. Conditioner should be part of everyone's hair care regime - leaving more on the ends of your hair does help with split ends. Who doesn't like that "bling bling" look in their hair? Well written product review, Sehar.

    1. Thankyou so so much farah,your description is way helpful .i am so much glad you love the review.xx


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