Friday, August 05, 2016

Easy Chicken Tikka Recipe:

Mmmm,BBq time is a family and fun time. Nothing is like firing up the coals, get outside, on your roof top or the backyard and cook some extremely healthy and delicious food for your family it can be quite entertaining too.

I am sharing here the chicken tikka recipe very few ingredients and easy to make My favorite thing is to marinate the chicken with yogurt for a tender, juicy and taste full perfection, do not add much I am using around half cup fresh yogurt for 3 kg of chicken.

If you have left over chicken tikka next morning, you can use it as a pizza or cheese omelet topping and may be you can layer it with biryani /pulao as well.

 What will you need?

·         3 Kg Chicken Tikka pieces
·         3 tablespoons ginger garlic paste
·         1/3 cup freshly-squeezed lime juice
·         2 packs of any Chicken Tikka masala
·         Fresh Yogurt half cup
·         Cooking oil


1.   Mark the chicken pieces with knife
2.   In a separate bowl mix ginger garlic paste, yogurt, lemon juice, chicken tikka masala.
3.   Marinate the whole chicken for good 3, 4 hours.
4.   Grill, fry or BBQ the chicken.
5.   Don’t forget to brush the chicken pieces with oil before flipping.

I am sure you love the recipe because life needs more family time and BBQ.

XO Sehar


  1. Loving the bright orange colour of the Tikka! Your recipe is very easy and simple to follow as a bbq should be just that:simple and not too much fussing over food prep. I like to grill some vegetables as well and again, easy to prepare with great results. This was a lovely post and recipe you shared. Well done, Sehar!

    1. Thankyou Farah,Lets plan a BBQ buddy xx


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