Sunday, September 11, 2016

New In

Hi everyone just a quick post, I hauled recently since the weather is changing I want to hold off for a bit. I bought some essential and also I forgot some stuff too.

I am not sure about the winters here in Karachi, most of the time it’s hot and humid till December but I really want to wear some cambric cotton and bright color.

So I am really happy with my Olay purchases, something that works for me,every time. Oh! and those sunglasses, I always end up buying big sunglasses because it’s really hard to find a good pair of sunglasses for my small face, Boo! Look at the golden bumper case it was such a steal, I feel like a gold goddess.

I hope you will enjoy the haul, thank you so much for stopping by.

Have you bought anything recently?

XO Sehar


  1. You bought a lot of stuff! I use Oil of Olay too, but the daily moisturizer with SPF. I haven't tried the face wash or day/night creams of Olay - let us know how they are. I like Fa products in general - always so fresh smelling! And the body lotion is a good investment to always keep skin smooth, as well as that masque for facial impurities. I like that you chose a black colour in nail polish - very chic. Lastly, your phone case is very hip along with those glasses. I think you have made excellent purchases and choices. I only bought some earrings recently.:S Very nice visuals. Well done, Sehar.

    1. Hi Farah,i always love reading your comment to my post,such a treat for me.Give it a try to Olay day and night cream ,amazing stuff that phone case was a steal,would love to show your earings tho!xx


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