Thursday, October 20, 2016

Skin Care routine morning and night:

Since the weather is changing and the fact that I have dry skin, I’ve had to change my skin care routine. Lately I have been using Olay natural white products and I fell in love. Here is my updated skin care routine for day and night, it’s pretty simple and basic.

For the morning, it’s very important to prep my face for the rest of the day, I have dry skin and fall is here almost so I have to switch for a hydrating face wash. Olay face wash always works for me .This face wash with mulberry extract is very creamy and smooth in texture, cleanse very well my skin felt moisturized every time and tbh I think this is the best face wash I’ve ever tried for the winter season.

Both day and night creams are very rich in texture, it felt smooth and absolutely non greasy on my skin, it absorbs quickly. This Olay natural white range gives me subtle sheer glow and I really like it.

For cleansing my face I always use coconut oil, I don’t use any makeup remover or cleanser. For a healthy skin I learned that it’s very important to clean your sheets once a week and wash your pillow case at least twice a week because the pillow case may have bacteria and you can break out and I also recommend that don’t forget to clean your phone because we use cell phone a lot and they can carry bacteria also. So these are my few tips I hope you liked it, Happy healthy and clear skin everyone.

Do you also like to update your skin care routine?

XO Sehar

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