Friday, July 15, 2016

How to keep Faux Jewelry from Tarnishing:

I love and prefer buying faux jewelry they are less expensive and I don’t need to worry that they’ll still be in style the next season. Definitely I am not expecting that they are super sturdy but if you are taking care of them and store properly they can last longer. Here are my few tips how I keep my faux jewelry from tarnishing, I hope it will be helpful.

Organize and keep it clean:
I always organize my jewelry and clean it down them with a soft cloth. Try to avoid any contact with body lotions and perfumes. Always make sure that you are keeping them separately, this is the best way to prevent damage.

Pack it up
I store my faux jewelry in zip lock bag or most of the time I wrap my studs in fine cotton fabric, this prevents jewelry form fading or tarnishing which happens because the exposure from moisture/air.

How do you store your jewelry, want to share anything?

XO Sehar


  1. Such a sweet and well-written post, Sehar. I appreciate your tips on how to store faux jewellery; very easy and practical ways to prolong their period of wearability. I also wanted to add that to keep jewellery from discolouration/inking the ears/damage, earrings should be taken off when bathing, if possible. It seems a hassle to do that, but it goes a long way in keeping that gold/silver colour intact and even stones from getting loose and falling out eventually. Thanks for sharing this! Lovely visual as well. Well done, Sehar.

    1. Oh Farah your comment is so much better then my whole post:-)I always love reading your thoughts my wise friend thank-you ,LOVE

  2. I've heard that applying a thin coat of clear nail polish can stop rings from tarnishing. :)

    1. Oh i also heard but never tried the trick,thank-you so much aaliyah for stopping by:-)xx


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