Monday, June 27, 2016

Lorys Deep Moisturizing Hair Cream {Beauty Review)

When it comes to hair ,I always try to find out  more hair care products. I dyed my hair several time and definitely need some extra care and love for my hair. I always heard good reviews about the Lorys hair cream so here it is what I think.

Lorys has a great range of conditioners that I would love to try; right now I am using Lorys deep moisturizing hair cream in  ARGAN OIL OMEGA 6 AND 9 ,I absolutely love this hair cream it nourishes and restore my hair very well.

It comes in a huge jar the only thing I don’t like about the product is the packaging, you have to be careful with the handling. It has a really creamy kind of texture that glides through the hair easily. After shampooing my hair I generously apply the cream on the ends and massaged it up to the roots, left it for around 10 minutes. I am so much happy with the results surprisingly it rinse off easily; left my hair more shiny and manageable then the regular hair conditioner. I used Boots Strawberry and Yogurt Intensive Hair Treatment before but I think this one is much better. I love the fruity smell, slightly overpowering then the regular conditioner but it fades away by the end of the day.

I totally recommend this hair cream .This huge jar is priced at 315 PKR and this stuff is worth a try,Like seriously.

Which hair conditioner or mask you love right now? I am waiting for your comments.

XO Sehar


  1. I like argan oil and products containing argan oil also. This hair cream sounds very good: pricewise and the results you described. With summer upon us, it also helps to take extra good care of one's hair due to the heat, humidity and damaging sun's rays. I will definitely look for a hair cream similar to this one, here. Well done, Sehar.

  2. Hi Farah,if you find any good hair cream please do recommend me.Thankyou so much for your time,much love xx

  3. Hey I asked its price at a local store it was 560 from where you bought it for 315 would b hapy if u tell??? Good review btw :)

    1. Hi,i got from chase up store and i think 560 is way too much for this conditioner. Thankyou so much for your kind words, xx


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