Friday, June 17, 2016

Tips for starting a healthy lifestyle:

So today I am going to share some of my healthy life style tips, I believe you are what you eat, and to start a healthy life style and clean eating is not that much time consuming or difficult or may be Fancy schmancy thing ,any one can do that ,a little focus and you are good to go.

Fresh vegetables and fruits:
I avoid processed food; do try to buy fresh vegetables and fruits.You can make smoothies and this is the perfect way to treat yourself. Making smoothie for me is just like that I am pouring all the goodness of nature into my body and it makes me happy and calm.

Drink plenty of fluid/water:
I always try to drink more water in day time. If you don’t like the plain water all the time you can also spice up you water. I love adding lemon, mint and cucumber into water recipe Here, I am not sure about the weight loss aspect but it definitely cleanse my system out.

Homemade foods/snacks:
Homemade foods are just best, nothing like that if you are preparing your food from scratch most important thing that you know that what are the ingredient, less salt and no MSG ,they are more nutritious and definitely a good excuse to bring family together.

Get Organize:
Well this is very important for healthy mind and body. I mostly write down every single thing, try to get any journal or planner and set realistic goals .Furthermore A few good  planer app will be help full to productive living.It will keep you more focus towards your goals on daily basis.

Break a sweat:
Working out makes you feel good about yourself ,Try to find some online fitness inspiration. You can do basic yoga and stretches at home and trust me your body will be thankful to you; really don’t need a gym membership or a trainer.


Reward yourself:
Spend some quality time with yourself, take a walk, explore youy neighborhood, and pamper yourself and most important thing you just need to surround yourself by people that make you feel good and happy. Learn to love your body, cut out any kind of toxic relationship that is damaging to your self esteem, health and happiness.

I hope this post will be helpful do share your favorite healthy lifestyle tip, would love to know.

XO Sehar


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  2. The opening line of: " are what you eat..." is enough to sum up half of what a healthy lifestyle is all about. You also mentioned the importance of exercise, family/friends, staying organized and finding time for oneself. I agree with all your suggestions as each one is valuable and also each one can be attained if we are serious about having a healthy lifestyle become a reality. Emotional/mental well-being is the end product of a healthy lifestyle and you showed us that today by giving us very realistic and easily attainable tips to do such. Thank you for sharing. An excellent read!

  3. Well my friend thank-you so so much.You are such a busy person and still mange to see manage my blog post ,it really means alot.You write so well i admire you totally please teach me some:-)xx


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