Wednesday, October 21, 2015

B.O Nail color {Beauty Review}

I recently bought B.O nail colors, they have big selection of colors can’t stop buying every time whenever I see them. I personally love the pink and pastels color ranges, just adorable .All of them are pretty amazing for the price.

I am not good in painting nails so excuse me for the pictures. I bought shade 26 and 23.They are not streaky and I usually apply single coat ,but it took two layers for more opaque finish .The staying power is not great ,good for 24 hours but for the price it’s no bad at all.

As far as packaging concerns’ I adore the small glass bottles, they are retailing around 60PKR each.

Which color do you love most?

XO Sehar


  1. I love these two shades - not too flashy, just understated and very elegant looking on your nails. I like always how you give us good tips on how to achieve a certain effect/look with beauty stuff. Very affordable prices for B.O too! We can buy a whole bunch of colours and test them out. Such pretty visuals, how did you manage not to drop any colour on your beautiful, white shag?? Well done, Sehar.

    1. I love Always how you are so much supportive and active reader to my blog posts,I am touched Farah:-)You are right it was bit difficult for me not to mess on this rug.xx

  2. These shades are very pretty. I love how suitable their price is. Without breaking the bank, I could have a whole army of nailpaints :D


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